About Sellcius Networks

We know our boundaries

Sellcius Networks LLC was founded in late 2019 as part of a larger vision. A vision that includes connecting real people with real data. While our team is small, it gives us the clarity and the freedom to select only the projects we can support and do masterfully. Where we fall short, we admit and own it. But, let's be honest: we are pretty awesome!

We believe in data-first

Data drives everything we do at Sellcius Networks.

We breath life into your data to take it from inanimate information into living narratives about your customers journies, behaviors... their's ups and downs, frustrations, and joys with your websites, products, and marketing and advertising efforts -- all with the rich data you likely already have!

Brands trust us, soups-to-nuts

Brands such as RVSnag use our insights and innovations and technology to drive sales, marketing, and brand awareness of countless individual sellers, vendors, manufacturers, and dealerships.

And, you can too!

The perfect recipe to balance your martech solutions

We rely on one-part data, two-parts development, and five-parts innerconnectivity. Your phone, laptop, watch, treadmill, car, TV, and various other IoT devices are digitally married when Sellcius Networks connects it to your website, apps, and API's.